Monday, June 18, 2012

The Monday Randomness

1. Somehow it's only Monday and I can tell this week is going to be looooong. Save me. Please?

2. I need to stop looking at food blogs when I'm at work, because then I spend the last 2 hours obsessing over what to eat when I get home. Get home and then am to tired to make anything, so I eat cereal. I should perhaps instead, use that time to, I don't know, do work or something.

3. Do not ever ever ever go into Fresh Market grocery stores when you are hungry. I'm not kidding. They have these bulk bins filled with gourmet trail mixes and stuff. THEY WILL SUCK YOU IN!!! And cause you walk out with 5lbs of chocolate toffee covered preztels, white chocolate crunch, smoked almonds, and M&M trail mix. No lie!

4. I've been watching Breaking Point on the CW, cause you know, I'm like 16 or whatever. Then Center Stage was on Friday night. Now I want to be a ballerina. Sigh.

5. I cannot stop eating bite sized cherry Twizzlers. It's like everytime I go in the drawer I have to get a few. I've been going in the drawer a lot the last few days. ALOT.

6. Is anyone else counting down the days til Disney's new movie comes out? Brave looks so flippin' cute!

7. I've been cooking and baking up a storm getting ready for the lake house next week! Cannot wait to sit in a floatie and relax!

8.  I bought my first running skirt last week as my reward for finishing the half marathon. I'm so cute in my skirt! Hehe

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