Monday, June 2, 2014

Tales of Memphis, Edition 1

Memphis continues to be great and is Fa.flying by...hi is this even a word? I'm making it a word. In a mere matter of weeks I will be basking in my long awaited California rays. Pleasegetherenowwwww… If I can find a place to live. It's looking a little touch and go on the apartment front though. This may have something to do with the copy and paste email that I've been using to respond to the craigslist ads with. I've been using this email for well over a week and JUST realized that I put my phone number in WRONG. F me. Oh and the person with 410-279-3547? I am so so sorry. Maybe you should be my real estate broker?? Yes? No? Pretty please with cherries and sprinkles on top????

I ate at this insanely good Mexican place the other day someone at work recommended. Holy Toledo! Delicious! Seriously, if you're ever in Memphis and you're all BBQ'ed out, go to this place. And make sure you get the corn. And don’t piss off Viper, whatever you do!

Here is a list of the things that I have done in Memphis so far in complete and utter random order:

Brooks art museum
Pink palace
Maggie's pharm
Shelby farms
The Greenline
Kindergarten for adults
Pure barre
The civil rights museum

Sometimes when I'm traveling alone and out doing something I get very jealous of people out with friends, laughing, drinking, having fun. Do not misinterpret me: I am out and having fun, but it is (almost) always nice to have a partner-in-crime. Don't even get me started on couples. Ugh and eye roll. Pul-ease.

I am starting to feel like a bit of an oddity in Memphis, I have to say. Ok, so first, let me explain southern hospitality: People are like insanely nice and pleasant and welcoming. Some may view this as being all up in your business, which yes, to an extent they are, but if nobody did this I would almost never speak to anyone. Ever. Whether, I am at work or out exploring, people are asking me where I am from. With my accent (hello, what accent??) and mannerism I am clearly not from the south. People are just downright boggled by my story. I have never felt so unique and different in my life. This is both good and bad, as everything in life is. Right now mostly good, but I could see it turning to the other side if I stayed here longer. 

Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. I work in a highly specialized area of nursing that most people cannot begin to understand or comprehend. I have traveled the globe alone, which in the States is practically unheard of. I run. I bake. I cook. I travel. I’m hoping that with travel nursing I will eventually find a place where my story isn’t the exception, instead a place where it is actually understood. 

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