Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tales of Memphis, Edition 2

Memphis is over and I'm shocked and appalled. Where in the hell has 8 weeks gone???? You know how March is usually the worst month ever? Like it just drags and drags on? Not the case here. If you are looking for ways to make time zoom and zip by, go on assignment somewhere new.

Memphis recap!

I liked Memphis. It would be a great place for a weekend trip. It's not my city necessarily, which is fine. That's what this whole travel nursing experiment is about, trying something new. You just never know where you might resonant with. I can tell you that it wasn't Memphis for me. I thoroughly adored the people I worked with though, which, given what I do is pretty huge. They made me feel very welcome and part of the family and I will miss them.

Favorite things in Memphis:
1. Georgetown Commissary. My favorite BBQ place
2. Evelyn and olive. Best Jamaican food and awesome cocktails to boot
3. Las Tortugas. Authentic Mexican food.
4. Muddy's bakery. A girl has to have her cupcakes
5. Gibson donuts. They married donuts and bacon and it is amazing
6. Walking around south of Beale st. Lots of fun shops and it's right next to the civil rights museum, which is totally worth a look through
7. Shelby farms, my favorite place to rub
8. Kindergarten for adults. We need this in more cities
9. Weekend trips to Nashville

10. Maggie’s Pharmacy
11. People saying y’all and bless er heart
12. The Civil Rights museum: get your learning on at museum and location that is an important moment in US history, y'all 
13. The Blue Plate Cafe. Bring your stretchy pants.
14. Eat all the BBQ. All the time.

~The End

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