Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My garden and projects

One of my bucket list dreams is to have a fabulously huge garden. I picture myself in dirty overalls with a floppy hat on, wandering the paths gathering fresh vegetables and flowers into my overflowing basket. You can start teasing me now. Its ok, I understand.

What appeals to me is watching something form and grow, than you pick and eat it! I mean, how cool is that? I am a huge fan of knowing where your food comes from. I feel it is very important to know where and how food is made. Its part of why I think making stuff from scratch is important and frankly, fun. I know exactly what goes into my pizza dough. Do you know what goes into your local pizza dough? Have you seen their bathrooms? I try, as best I can, to purchase local whenever possible. Allowing me to get the freshest and healthiest stuff available and support local farmers.

Not to mention, have you seen the price of basil. Oi vey! It’s practically the cost of a plant! Craziness! Pure craziness I tell you!

All this and more is why I have planted a bunch of vegetables and herbs this year. I had a small garden a couple of years ago, but I’ve added on a few things and planted a couple from seeds.

I will be posting on my garden throughout the planting season, giving you the blow-by-blow of my successes and failures. You’re excited! I can tell!

Here is what I’ve planted:

2 Black beauty zucchini

1 Pumpkin (I meant to grab a 3rd zucchini but this guy got snatched instead, opps!)

3 Tomato (All different varieties)

4 Sweet basil

3 Purple basil

2 Parsley

A planter of lettuces

A container of carrots

2 Red bell pepper

2 JalapeƱo

First, you must start with a pair of really adorable gardening gloves. Look! They're pink! Aren't they cute? But that's not even the best part!

On the fingers there's magic! The fingers turn green, 'cuause you know, I've got a green thumb and all.

I am a dork. Thank you for noticing.

Here are all my herbs. I hope they do well.

This is the purple basil. I know you were dying to see a picture of it, I could just tell, it's ok. Isn't it purdy?

This here is the lavender, Rosemary, and thyme that I planted 3 years ago! Crazy huh? They have gotten to be so big, especially the lavender! It's outta control! And I love it!

I mean, look at those buds!

The thyme is very happy with life too, flowering away! Obviously, while I was gone last year they were a little neglected. My abstinence doesn't seem to have bothered them too much, because they have grown like weeds and are super happy and healthy. I could really get used to a garden that does that. You mean I can neglect you and you still grow? Oh yeah, I could get use to that!

Here is where the majority of my vegetables are going. I weeded and hoed the area clean. Next I added some nutrient rich soil (we don't have the greatest soil) and planted away.

There are all my tomatoes, zucchini, and pumpkin planted and hopefully happy in their new homes! I edged the area in marigolds, because I have heard that they help keep away unwanted intruders, like bunnies. I have bunnies galore in the hedge along my house. The bunnies like to eat my plants and taunt poor Pete.

So far all of my plants are growing! Next step, vegetables!

Oh and a recycling bin! But that's for another time!

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