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I am warning you now, this recipe is insane! It’s insane in its simplicity and ease. It’s insane in its deliciousness. In the tastiness that one little square can hold, and really, that’s all you need, a little square. That’s how good and potent these are.

Also, I should warn you that you’re going to hate me. Wait, let me be accurate here, your skinny jeans are going to hate me. Your belly will totally love me. Like 4 ever kinda love!

What is this mystical magical recipe that will send you into the stratosphere?  

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Homemade Snicker’s Bars

I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Yep, I made Snicker’s Bars. Not a bar cookie, but actual candy bars. Dear God, where will my homemade-Martha-moments end??? Hopefully never, because this stuff is goooood. And did I mention easy? Way to easy.

I shouldn’t be posting this just as bathing suit season kicks off. Oh well!
Here we go:

First take some chocolate chips. The recipe calls for a cup. I may have used slightly more. Ok, I definitely used more! But, they're chocolate chips, you can never have enough! Take the chips and a nice scoop of creamy peanut butter and melt it all in the microwave.

Smooth into a very well greased 9x13 pan. Next time I will probably line my pan with wax paper to aid in the removal and cutting of the bars. Just a thought. One that I highly suggest you do. But still it was just a thought. Place in the fridge to harden while you take the next steps for the nougat.

Mmm, butter...

Mmm, melted butter and sugar and milk! Oh my!

While the butter is melting, boiling, and doing its thang, you can chop the peanuts. Or, you can do what I did:

Place the peanuts in a plastic baggie and whack whack whack with your choice of instrument. I find the rolling pin to work well for me. This method works much better than the chopping method and is also a terrific stress-reliever in case you are in need of some of that!

Once the butter, sugar, and milk have boiled add in the fluff, peanut butter, and smashed peanuts.

Sigh. This looks so good. Pour over hardened chocolate-peanut butter layer and place back into the fridge to set.

Here's what my kitchen looked like mid-process. It was a mess. There was chocolate, peanut butter, and fluff everywhere! Oh, I'm sorry, you think that's a problem? I view it as a cooking perk. Opps, did I just drop a blob of melted chocolate on the counter? Bummer, I'll have to wipe it up...with my finger! Oh, did I just "accidentally" dip my finger into the nougat mixture? Bummer, guess I'll just have to lick that off too! Cooking is such hard work. Not.

Anyways, back to the Snicker Bars! Take a bag of caramels and melt them in a small saucepan (or like I did in the microwave) with some heavy cream half and half because that was all I had and I forgot to get it at Target again. Sigh. Don't forget to UNWRAP the caramels. I'm sure the wrappers contain something heinous like BPA or parabens or some other nonsense. So, for every one's health and safety: unwrap the caramels first, k? Thanks!

Once the caramel is melted, pour over the nougat. Back into the fridge it goes!

Last step! Take the same bowl that you melted the first layer of chocolate chips and peanut butter in and do it all over again. Try really really really hard to not lick the bowl. Ok fine, lick the bowl!




Homemade Snicker’s Bars
Serves Way too many and yet not enough!
Recipe from Howsweeteats
Chocolate Coating:
¼ c Creamy peanut butter

1 ¼ c Chocolate chips (feel free to use whatever combination you like or have on hand)
Melt chips and peanut butter either on the stove or in the microwave until smooth. Pour into a very well greased 9 x 13 pan. Let harden completely.

1 ½ c Fluff

¼ c Melted butter
1 c Granulated sugar

¼ c Creamy peanut butter

¼ c Evaporated milk

1 ½ c Peanuts, chopped
Melt butter in a small saucepan. Add milk and sugar. Stir until dissolved. Cook on medium-low until mixture boils, continue to cook for 5 minutes.

Add Fluff and peanut butter. Stir until mixture is a smooth consistency. Add peanuts. Pour over chocolate. Cool until completely set.

Caramel Filling:

1 14oz. Bag of caramels

¼ c Heavy cream

In a small saucepan or heatproof bowl slowly melt caramels into cream until melted and smooth. Pour over nougat. Cool until completely set.

Chocolate Coating:

¼ c Creamy peanut butter

1 ½ c Chocolate chips
Melt peanut butter and chocolate chips until melted. Pour over caramel filling. Cool until completely hardened.

This pan will last in the fridge for weeks probably, but let's be honest, it's not going to last that long! I took these to work and I totally made more friends!

Recommendations and Suggestions:
*I highly recommend putting this in the fridge to set, harden, and cool between layers. Not only much faster, but much easier to work with.
*Next time I will line the pan with wax paper. It wasn't terrible to cut and scoop out, but I think that it might be easier to lift the whole thing out and then cut it up.
*I would make the bottom layer slightly thicker then the recipe calls for. Maybe by 1.5x? Just to give it a bit more base. The top layer as is was fine and I felt coverage was adequate. 
*I will definitely be increasing the amount of caramel. Maybe it was just a small bag of caramels that I purchased, but I think this can handle a bit more caramel. Again, maybe 1.5x? I'll let you know!

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