Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We have take off!

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Today I left. To say that it's been a stressful week would be an understatement. This week has been like coasting at the top of an emotional roller coaster, waiting at the top. Every day, hour, minute getting closer to hurtling over the edge and while we all love roller coasters there's still that part of us that goes " why the f$&k am I doing this?!". There's been a lot of that this week and a lot of wine. Oh the wine and the occasional ambien. Hey, don't judge people, I'm not cute with no sleep. Yet, as I attempt to snuggle into my super comfy (please note sarcasm) flight seat I can start to feel the near death-grip panic begin to ebb away as i fly over the atlantic, towards my first adventure, morocco. The free wine might have something to do with that as well, details!!

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