Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First few days in morocco

Blog 2:
After a VERY looong day of travel I finally made it to Casablanca. unfortunately it was dark and raining upon my arrival so I can't really give my impression of the city. Though, from what I've heard is thy it is mainly a business city, with little to do touristy. Joined my tour group the next morning, it's all Aussies and one other American beside myself. I've found the biggest cultural difference between us and our mates from down under is that they travel, a lot. Doing a gap year or taking a break from work to travel is common. It also helps that they generally get 6 weeks (!!) of vacation. They work to live not living to work. It's an attitude I wish we had at home more.
Where have I been so far? Rabat, to shout across the Atlantic, which no one responded too (hellllloooo) and enjoy a medina (market). Then off to Mekenes for some more medina and the first of many mosques and roman ruins. I'm definitely enjoying morocco so far. I'm in love with their doors! So colorful and intricate and decorative. I've probably taken 50 pictures if doors alone! I also had a camel burger today. Yes, I said camel. Mighty tasty camel it was! Tomorrow off for more medina action in fes.


  1. Glad you made it safe and sound! Camel burgers?? I'll take some Clarissa cooking instead!!

  2. here is my respone for you... hhhhheeeeelllllooooo. A little late but there it is!! I'm glas things are going well so far!! Keep us posted