Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why I love airports

This past weekend I went to Portland, Maine to visit one of my closest friends who recently moved there. It was a great weekend that I'll tell you all about another day, hopefully tomorrow. While I was in the airport terminal waiting for my flight to be called I got to thinking about airports.

Singapore Airport, July 2012
I love airports.

No, really, I do. Yes, they are full of germs and overpriced food and water, but they are also full of promise and excitement. Unless you travel for business, which I have never done, but that does change the whole attitude towards flying. This feeling that I'm referring to is strictly related to non-business travel, just want to make sure we're clear here. Just say no to business travel!

Sunrise somewhere over the Pacific
Anyways...(I feel like I do an anyways...almost every post, do I have blogging ADD???)

A little silliness in the LA airport on the way to Sydney, Australia 2009
Airports. Feelings of promise. Excitement. Adventure.

Think about it, either you are traveling to go see a loved one, and they are probably someone pretty flippin' special because you don't fly to see someone you only kinda like. You go to see a person that you love and adore and miss. You are flying to go somewhere amazing and new. To take an adventure, to be completely blown away by a new culture, country, whatever it happens to be.

All stretched out on my flight to Morocco, score!
See, that's exciting!!!!

I also really like to people watch and airports are amazing places to people watch. I mean, the things people wear to fly in are quite baffling. My favorite by a long shot is the elaborately dressed African women. Don't get me wrong their outfits are incredible with bright colors, patterns, and ruffles. I just can't image that flying for hours in that getup is comfortable. Yet, they somehow manage to look far more put together after a 14-million hour flight than me in my yoga pants and Rainbow flip flops. Hey, maybe they are on to something here!

Somewhere between London and Casablanca, April 2012
Then there's the women in the super tall heals. My feet hurt just looking at them. Ugh, no thank you! Flip flops all the way here people!

Sometimes when I'm at the airport for a long time I like to make up stories about the people around me. Where are they going? Who are they going to see? That right there is hours of entertainment! I get profound amusement from watching the children run around and the parents scolding them to sit down right this minute! The business men in their suits with newspapers and laptops, sitting at the bar doing business-y looking important things, right next to the couple who's probably going to Bali for their honeymoon. Oh, and over there? That's the older couple who's kids are all grown and they are finally taking that big vacation to Italy/Africa/Costa Rica that they've always dreamed about. See what I mean? Hours of entertainment and stories.

Aerial view of the Sydney Harbour on my way out, March 2009.
After hours and hours of flying you finally arrive to your given destination! Woohoo! Let the party begin. Or you at least get to mercifully climb into your own bed after weeks away. Both are amazing in their own ways.

Whether you're flying to somewhere or simply flying home, airports are fun and interesting places. You just have to take a moment to appreciate the hectic hustle of them.

Sunrise somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on my way home from India, November 2012.


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