Monday, May 21, 2012

I am a warrior!

A couple of years ago I heard about this race called the Warrior Dash. Have you heard of it? It’s a 5k race with obstacles. Stuff like climbing over walls, ducking under barbed wire, a giant slip ‘n slid, and crawling through mud. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Because of things like taking a year off to travel I haven’t had an opportunity to do one yet. Such a lame excuse! When I returned this year I was determined to run it!

My buddy Chris said he would run with me, and my mom and friend Jenna came with to cheer us on. Off we headed to Mechansville, MD for an afternoon of muddy running.

We are ready to Dash!

Friends told us to duct tape our shoes. Man, am I glad we took their advice! People were losing shoes in the sucking mud that was scattered throughout the run.

Me and my momma!

Chris is ready to Dash. At least, I think he is...Um, Chris, what are you doing???

Walk like an Egyptian! Or a warrior! Whatever, hey notice peck-guy next to me. Helloooo!

Here is the start of the race. Only 4 minutes till go time! You can't really see it, but there are giant flames that shoot out at the start of every heat. Just a little fire to you light you on your way. Literally!

Many people came dressed in costumes. I kinda dropped the ball on our costumes. Next year guys!

I have no idea what is going on here...

The second to last obstacle is to jump over fire! I was really surprised nobodies costume caught on fire, especially the girls in the prom dresses and wedding dresses.

This dude is a badass!

 See, told you, girls in dresses. I really hope that this wasn't an actual bridesmaid dress, because that would just be mean. Like, really mean. And that bride totally deserves to have this dress worn through mud and fire. But that's just my opinion. At least they seem to be having a good time!

Here I go, to leap through the flames.

The final obstacle is to swim, no crawl, through mud. We're talking soul sucking mud here, not muddy water, but thick gooey mud with weeds and shit in it. Oh and over your head, yep, that's barbed wire, so you had to wade through it.

That weird expression on my face is me trying to not faceplant in the mud. Don't worry, I didn't!

Woohoo! We made it!
I have never been so dirty in my entire life, but it was great! I've never had the experience of having mud literally falling off me, like in waves and chunks. Sounds appealing, doesn't it?

Here are our shoes afterwards, BIG difference from the start!

They having a hosing off station. They set up big pool water trucks and guys sit up top and hose you off. I'm cleaner, well, a little cleaner!

Look! It's a really big pile of dirty shoes!

After the race they have a place where you can deposit your dirty shoes that you don't want anymore for charity. I'm not really sure what they do with that big pile of dirty shoes. Maybe they make tires out of them? Or build ships or something? I certainly hope they do not have people actually wear them, because they are groodie. Really groodie. Ew!

Other then the soul sucking mud at the end, the fire-jumping, and the running, how was it? Great! My favorite obstacle was definitely the slip 'n slid. You really gained speed at the end and just knew you were going to go hurtling into a pool of dirty water. FUN! 

My least favorite obstacle was the one where I feel through it. Yep, I fell. Surprise, surprise. I have to say they did not take into account short girls in the design of the obstacles. This particular obstacle required you to crawl up, over, turn around, and then crawl down via spaced wooden planks. I couldn't see where my foot was and I knew it was a long way down so I just kept going and my body kinda followed my foot. Bodies are funny that way. I tumbled down. Banged my elbow and got a plank of wood across my chest. Luckily, I have a fair amount of  ah...padding there...but still, ouch! Did that stop me? Nope, I jumped right up and kept on going. Come on! I'm a warrior people! Warriors never say die! Oh, wait, that's goonies, never mind!

Today, I am definitely a bit sore and developing some sweet looking bruises. My favorite bruise is the one across my chest. Too bad it's there, otherwise I would totally take a picture and show you, but I don't want this sight to become NC17.

 Here I am with my helmet on and my medal! Woohoo! I'm a warrior! After the race we enjoyed our complimentary beers and giant turkey legs! A great day!

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