Monday, December 26, 2011

A little cleaning for the new year

I just got back from NYC where I spent a lovely couple of days with the family partaking in some holiday activities. I hope everyone had a great holiday filled lots of family, friends, and fabulous food! I definitely did. I took a bunch of pictures that I'm hoping to post here tomorrow, emphasis on hope!
Upon my return I decided that I needed to finally tackle the growing stack of papers that needed to be filed. So I did. Then I decided to through the basket of stuff that I've been ignoring since I got home. Which led to vacuuming. Which led to the question of where did my degree go and that purse I've been looking for and that other thingie that I really need RIGHT NOW???


Next thing I know I'm going on a full purge/cleaning spree that resulted in finding my crown from a Halloween costume and boa from a trip to New Orleans a couple of years ago.

 My new cleaning outfit. Might make this a regular habit.

That's right, I wore it all while I cleaned my heart out! Two trash bags later and a cleaned closet and that random corner of stuff cleaned and I'm feeling pretty good. The only mishap was when I found a bottle of foot scrub that I had to use right that very second! I rolled my pants up, hopped up on the sink, and cracked open the bottle. I squeezed and squeezed till the scrub finally flew out, the wrong way! I squeezed the bottle so hard it cracked the end of the bottle and sprayed the bathroom with dead sea salt foot scrub. Opps!

 Well, look what I found!


My room is now clean, papers filed, crown and boa put away for the next day of cleaning. Now I'm ready for the New Year! Hopefully I can keep it clean till Sunday!

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