Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coffee, more food, and monkey attacks

Things I'm loving about Thailand:

They love coffee. You think there's a lot of coffee places at home and we're coffee addicts? Ha, try the Thai. I swear every other street stall or restaurant is a coffee place. You can get it served any way you want it. I'm drink at least 2 iced lattes a day. There's ice in it so it's hydrating, right?

The Thai like to eat, a lot, and frequently. The streets are littered with restaurants, hawker food, street stalls. In Bangkok I had the most glorious chicken with cashew for about $1.50. In Ayuthaya I had the most amazing green thai curry, perfectly spicy (but not blow my head off) and delicious. It was so good and I was so hungry I had 2 plates of it. Hey, they cut me a discount on the second plate, which I gave back to them in a tip. They loved me after that.
My rules when it comes to food are  a) that I must be able to visually identify it or b) recognize the name on a menu. No problem, right? Wrong... I can't identify half of what I see or when I can I'm not so sure I want it. Hey, I'm not eating fish eyes, k? There's a line and that's it. Mix those rules and said problems with people who speak only Thai, well, it can equal a problem. And sometimes, when I'm hot, tired, and maybe more the a little mentally done I just can't be bothered. It can take parading up and down the street food line 3 times till I find something. Sometimes I go to 3 or more stalls/restaurants before someone can identify what is it?? So what do I do...

7-11. Strange, yes, I know. But they're everywhere here. Like across the street from each other everywhere. They keep me in cell credits, peanut butter, and snacks every day.

I didn't love this so much, but I got attacked by monkeys in Lop Buri. I knew before I came that the monkeys pretty much ran town and you had to be careful with food and water bottles. My stuff was in my bag, presumably safe. Ha! I went to one wat that was littered with monkeys. I got close to a Buddha statue to take pictures and they started jumping on my backpack and me, repeatedly. I was jumping all around and yelping like, well, a person being attacked by a monkey. I finally had to run away to the safety of the grass. I'm sure I entertained the wat guards for the day with my little monkey dance.

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