Thursday, June 2, 2011

Burning my taste buds off, one meal at a time

Thai food:

Yesterday's post was kind of serious so to lighten things up I thought I'd tell you about some of the Thai food I've had so far. It's been good, really good. The only problem I've had is the heat in some dishes. We're talking fire breathing, lip numbing, sweating, nose running heat.
Take last night for example. I ordered pork over rice and papaya salad. Innocent sounding right? Guess which one blew my head off? The papaya salad. At first it was tangy and sour with a little heat to it. Yum. By bites 3-4 my mouth was on fire, but I persevered. By bites 7-8 I couldn't take it anymore. I started shoveling pork and rice in my mouth like there was no tomorrow in an attempt to staunch the heat. When I paid my bill, all of $2.50, the owner noticed my discomfort. Her response, I only used one chili. Only one chili?!?! ONLY one?? I had to get a kiwi smoothie to recover.
While waiting for my smoothie an older Thai gentleman came over and started rambling in thai and pointing to me and the smoothie cart. I did the whole, smiling, nodding thing. Couldn't begin to tell you what he said. I tried to mime back that my mouth was hot from food and I needed a smoothie to help. He walked away, spoke to someone, pointed at me and laughed... I wonder what he thought I said?

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