Monday, February 7, 2011

I have a blog!

Hello blogging world!

If you're reading this then you most likely already know me and know what I'm about to embark on. For the few that don't, I'm going to be traveling throughout Africa and Asia for 8 months starting in April. This blog is to journal my travels.

First off, I did the most difficult part (so far!) Friday. I booked my RTW ticket. Why is this the most difficult part you ask? Well, in order to book a ticket you have to know not only where you're going, but when you're going to be there. Imagine trying to pick which country and city you'll be in months in advance, knowing that you can't change your mind. Sure, I'll be in Vietnam on September 23rd and can fly to Beijing, most definately! I mean, I really hope so...  Finalizing my itinerary took forever and there were several last minute rather large hiccups, one that ended in me changing a large portion of my route.

Next, I booked all my tours. This ended in my bank calling to notify me that there had been some "unusual" activity on my account, and several large online purchases had been made. Oh, did the thousands of dollars I spent in a weekend freak you Mr. Bank man? I'm so sorry to have worried you. Just imagine how I felt when I pressed paid-in-full!

At least now my airline tickets and tours are booked! I feel as though a weight has been lifted and now I truly do feel excited about this adventure!

The next big hurdle: visa's (and not the credit card kind!)  Stay tuned!

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