Monday, May 6, 2013

Beach towns

Beach towns

It seems no matter what beach you are at, anywhere in the world, certain aspects remain the same. The phrase same same but different rolls through my head a lot as I ponder life from my beach chair today. 

Beach towns seen to have an inherent trashiness about then. As you gaze adoringly at the palm trees and strip of white sand there are the necessary ice cream stands. What beach would be complete without an ice cream stand? There are subtle differences depending on your precise location. In Thailand, it's smoothies. In Peru, it's small yellow carts. In the States, perhaps Baskin Robins. Then there's the lot of people selling you things from your picture in a keychain to sunglasses. Between the rolling waves and seagulls the call for shit you don't need can't be missed. 

Restaurants abound in beach towns all offering pretty much the same menu, complete with sandy beach chairs and tacky decore. Loud music thumps and blares from the sidewalk, all meant to entice you in for burgers! and seafood! and fries! Oh my. 

Another factor of beach towns: high school and college kids. All dressed in similar states of disshelvalment, bought at the local corner store for 3 for $15...who could resist? They are bleached blonde, sunburned, and carefree. Unlike the rest of us who spend half our day slathering sunblock on ourselves. No skin cancer here folks. 

And yet, the beach seems to be one of the only places we give ourselves permission to veg out. No running around to meetings all day or going to the gym. There is some mystical element that happens between sand and salt that allows us all to take a deep breath and kick back and relax. 

I have been doing plenty of that, here, in Mancora, in northern Peru. Mancora reminds of the Outer Banks and OC. Not to sound completely snobby and stuff, but while the here beach is nice and all, Zanzibar and Koh Phaghan remain my favorite beaches of all time. Ok, there. I said. Forgive me and let's move on. 

My days in Mancora have developed a certain routine revolving around naps. Get up and put on sunscreen. Have breakfast at the same place everyday to the point that they stop taking your order and just bring you your passion fruit juice and say Hola! Every time you walk past during the day. Go back and take a nap on the beach. Get up and move chair under umbrella. Nap some more. Go eat lunch. Reapply sunscreen and nap some more, under the umbrella. Then move to the hammock for the remainder of the afternoon. Apply copious amounts of bug spray so as to avoid dengue fever. Have tacos and passion fruit pie for dinner...again. And maybe an ice cream cone on the walk back. Be simply exhausted from your very stressful day and go to bed early. 

My life is so tough some days...

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