Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Williamsburg festivities

Last weekend I got out of the kitchen and went to Williamsburg, VA with a bunch of friends for their annual Grand Illumination celebration. Have you been?

If so, then you know. If not, can you go next year? Please? Pretty please? It's so super fun, I promise! Colonial Williamsburg is beautiful and historic, but during the holiday season they go all out. I'm like totally obsessed with the wreaths they place on all the doors. They use all natural products and are beyond cute.

I think part of my obsession is that I'm so not crafty. I can't make a bow on a present look just so or the icing on my cakes. I think I missed out on that gene or something.

Saturday morning we went to a christmas parade that was really fun! There were some really good floats and lots of dogs, so my mom was thrilled.

Saturday was spent running around colonial town, checking out the decorations, petting some sheep, and catching a ghost tour. I mean, Williamsburg has been around for like years so there's bound to be some ghosts, right? Right!

Sunday was spent at the Williamsburg Winery, one of my favorite wineries ever, enjoying their holiday open house. So much food. So much wine. Happiness!

Then we walked through the crazy crowds to stake out a spot to check out the best fireworks. I swear. Those fireworks are some of the best that I've seen. Not to mention, that they're really consistent, they're great every year. I think some of the awesomeness is that you get to be really close, which clearly, makes everything better!

Happy Holidays!

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