Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

1. The funny thing about baking vs cooking is that you can make the same recipe, follow the same directions, and basically do everything right, yet things can be so incredibly different every time. Which is the fun of baking, I guess?

2. I've been staying up late watching the Olympics almost every night for the last week and half. I'm exhausted, not only from the lack of sleep, but have you seen how fast those people can run? Oh my word. Makes me tired just looking at them! And hungry, there's a lot of snacking while watching all the athletes run around.

3. Why are Baptism cards so lame? If I wrote a Baptism card it would say something like "Congrats on getting your kid dunked in the holy water. Now, let's go eat!" With a picture of a pool on the front or something. That would be a great Baptism card. Hallmark are you listening?

4. I learned this week that police officers can now give speeding tickets from the comfort of their cars. Apparently, they don't even have to pull you over or anything, which totally takes the fun out of putting the sirens on. Thanks DC.

5. I've started planning my trip to Chicago. Any suggestions? So far I want to go to the Contemporary Art Museum, see The Bean, and eat some pizza. Oh and some hot dogs and this popcorn place and this other yummy looking sandwich shop.  I'm also debating going to every place that Anthony Bourdain went to on his show No Reservations: Chicago. Too much food?

6. Trader Joe's now sells Margarita Mix! Let's have a party!

7. I read an article where people were complaining about the way that Gabby Douglas wears her hair. You remember Gabby Douglas, right? That chick that totally kicked butt in gymnastics against the very mean looking Russian girls? Yeah, her. Umm...I'm pretty sure Gabby has had more important things to worry about. Like landing that Triple-Diple Flip Thingie. Seriously people, do we not have more important things to worry about?

8. I recently heard about this shop in NYC that sells milk and nothing else. They get special milk from a dairy farm outside of NYC and use special things to create flavors like cereal milk. OMG. Why didn't I think of this???

9. I was talking to my friend the other day. He's really into food too. He actually went to chef school and like learned things. Whoa. Anyways, what I love most about him is that yeah, sure, we talked about what was currently going on in our lives, but what did we talk about most of? Food. Always food. We're exchanging recipes and going on and on about something we ate or made or both. It's great.

10. I have to go watch more Olympics now. Bye!

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