Sunday, August 19, 2012


1. One should never pack after working 12 hours. One will do stupid things like pack 5 skirts and no shorts. Opps. Or 1 regular tank top and 3 going out tank tops, that of course, were never worn.

2. Now that the Olympics are over I finally can go to bed at a decent hour, but there's also nothing to watch on TV. Sadness. I guess I must read again.

3. Please remind me to not go 4 weeks without going to yoga again. If I whine about going, just slap me in the face, and tell me to get over it! I promise I will thank you later and bake you cookies. I'm in some serious pain today.

4. Have you read Bared to You? OMG! Go. Read. It. NOW! Seriously. Just take my word on this.

5. I may have a slight problem with chap stick. I have 5 different types in my bag right now. That's not too many, is it? Nah

6. I am not under any circumstances to be allowed back in Whole Foods. I just...well, I lose control a bit. I went in, I swear, only for avocado's and half and half and yogurt. What did I come out with? Red corn (Um, hello, it's RED CORN who could say no!?!), green heirloom tomatoes (Um, hello, they're GREEN tomatoes WITH stripes!?), more Icelandic yogurt, and a few other items. Good bye pay check.

7. I'm trying to remember to recycle more while I'm at work. This seems silly considering what a recycling-freak I am at home, but it just doesn't cross my mind as much. Then I really sat and thought about all the paper and plastic things I throw away every day at work and it gave me heart palpitations.

8. I saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green. So stinkin' cute!

What are you up to this weekend?

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