Sunday, January 29, 2012

The good, the bad, and the wet...

Today I went to the grocery store. I pre-planned my meals out, wrote my list, checked it twice, and off I went. I did my shopping, I got everything on my list...and a few other things. Those chocolate shortbread cookies were a must, a must I tell you!
I loaded up my car and headed home. I'm driving along, jamming out to some tunes, when all of the sudden I realize that I've forgotten 2 vital ingredients for tonight's dinner! Man oh man! Do you do this too? Go into town with your list and STILL manage to forget something that is absolutely necessary forcing you stop yet again. So now after already going to 2 stores I get to stop AGAIN for the beef consomme and apple cider. Grr...
Fast forward to me making autumn beef stew for a hearty Sunday night dinner. I pulled the faucet over to fill a pot with water to boil the potatoes, put said pot on stove. Then I reach back and turn the faucet on again to soak a dirty pot. Except, here's the thing; I forgot that the faucet was aimed for the counter and there was no pot under it. I turn around and see the faucet spraying water all over the counter and dripping over! Awesome! Two towels and my pride later the kitchen and floor is dry. Next time you turn the faucet on please don't be like me, look, and make sure that the faucet is you know, actually facing the sink for pete's sake!
Remember last week how I bragged that I was fulfilling my new years goal of making one international dish a week? I wanted high fives and a standing ovation. Well, I'm glad you held the applause because it didn't happen last week. In fact most of my dishes were of the boring variety, boring chicken, boring sweet potatoes, and even worse, boring peas. Yuck, right? I vow to do better this week! Promise!
How are your new years goals going? Any good kitchen opps recently?

Here is a random picture that I feel like sharing. I'm editing and making my first photobook from my trip and I thought you all might like this!

Jambiani, Tanzania; a little reminder that it's not winter everywhere!

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