Thursday, November 17, 2011




Number of countries visited: 14 
   In no particular order; England, Morocco, Ghana, Tanzania, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Nepal, and India    

Number of flights: 25

Number of beds slept in: way to many to count!

Number of tours: 5

Number of pictures taken: 5,147 ( that I now get to organize, fun! )

I've gotten a lot of questions about where my favorite place was, which is my least favorite question. My answer: everywhere. I truly did enjoy my time in each and very place I've been too. It's different things that stand out in different places and you can't begin to compare Tanzania and Thailand. But if I HAD to choose my top 4 most memorable experiences and places, here they are.

- Safari in Tanzania at the Serengeti park. The landscape and animals are a unique combination of amazingness.

- Mountains and Monasteries in Tibet. A beautiful place that mixes a desolate remote country with a rich and vibrant culture.

- Food. Every country and type of grub I could get my hands on I enjoyed to my fullest, and then some! Particular favorites are Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese. 

- People. From locals to fellow travelers I met a lot really amazing people.

Types of transportation used: 
- Planes, trains, and automobiles!
- Ferries
- Buses
- Push bikes
- Motorbikes (only when I had too, not really a fan of them)
- Tuk tuks 
- Rickshaws
- Boats
- Camels 
- My absolute favorite, my feet! 

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