Monday, October 17, 2011


I did not spend very long in this country, nor did I do anything that was especially note worthy. The only semi-amusing tale I have is the border crossing and drive into Nepal.
Borders are funny things. One minute you're in China, were things are quite orderly. The next your in Nepal and suddenly everyone looks different, dresses different, and it's chaos abound. The border and visa office were kind of sketchy. Nobody in uniforms, just a random concrete building with random looking Nepali people, who were happily taking your money and slapping visas into passports. Meanwhile kids, dogs, chickens and the lot are running amok outside.
With fresh visa ink in our passports we board the bus for the drive to Dhulikhel. This drive was only a few hours, but the roads winded along edges of hills, falling off to a rocky river below. Most of the road looked like it couldn't fit 2 cars, but they managed to squeeze by each other. The amusing bit came when we got stopped for an hour due to a rough patch. The buses and trucks were struggling in the wet gravel and we had to patiently wait our turn on the side of the road to go. We decided to get out and walk over the rough part. Some people cheered the buses on, while other merely took in the raging river below and watched in amusement (aka me).
Other then this, Nepal was fairly boring. I took a break from playing tourist and laid low for a few days. I did things like sleep, laundry, enjoyed hot showers, and some good company from my tour friends. I'm so exciting aren't I? Hot showers are amazing and I didn't get many in Tibet. I also watched the Australia vs new Zealand ruby match. I was recruited to help cheer on the Aussies, who got beat in the end.
All-in-all it was a relaxing couple of days. Things are starting to feeling very surreal with the trip winding down. I'm in utter shock that it's time for the long awaited India portion and almost the end of this adventure of mine. Am I ready to come home? Depends on the hour.      

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