Saturday, September 10, 2011

Randoms from across the globe

Here are a few randoms from across the globe!

1. Teaching the Brits how to roast marshmallows. "What do you mean you've never roasted a marshmallow?!?!" I practically shouted at the group of Brits during our safari. Needless to say lines from The Sandlot began running through my head: you're killing me Smalls! ...first you take the graham, you stick the chocolate on the graham...
I really wish I had YouTube right about then to pull up the video. Never roasted marshmallows! The horror!

2. Mrs. Teh explained to me that because I hold my chopsticks down low I will meet a man who lives near me. Uh, ok? Wait, I thought I was going to meet my soul mate while traveling! You mean I'm traveling all over the world looking for Mr. Right and he's still sitting at home? Well, crap. Watch out Annapolis boys when I return!

3. While sitting in a restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with Ellie and Krista a girl of about 10 approached us selling something. We declined, but offered her our naan, which she accepted. While talking to her another boy of about the same age also approached selling something. Again, we declined but offered him some food (we had ordered way to much delicious Indian food!). He said no and walked off. The first girl explained that he couldn't take food from us, but if she gave it to him it would be ok. We wrapped up the remaining samosas' and sure enough, the boy took them from her. While this was going on the first became very intrigued by the cards I had on the table. They were the cards I had purchased from the Green Gecko Project and was attempting to write out. She asked me all sorts of questions, but the most startling was if she could draw in one? I said sure and we picked one out. The boy came back to see what the girl was up too and he also drew a little picture in one. A second girl approached, she didn't even try to sell us anything, she just wanted to draw. The look on these kids faces while drawing was precious. They were totally focused and absorbed, in the way that only children can get. I'm sure getting the opportunity to simply draw a picture is not something that they get to do very often between school, chores at home, and selling goods till late at night. The second girl drew a picture of Ellie, Krista, and I each with a boyfriend; which she labeled boyfriend for Ellie etc... I'm glad someone has some hope for us! The kids finished their pictures, took a few pictures with us, packed up their food and went out to continue selling goods to tourists. It was a really interesting and unique experience and a great way to end my time in Cambodia. 

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