Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frankie says RELAX!

I knew before I even embarked on Cambodia and Vietnam that I was going to need some major down time afterward. I had already decided to return to Indonesia for the month of September and after several travelers recommendations went to the Gili islands in Lombok, Indonesia for some R&R. The Gili islands are made up of 3 islands right off the coast, Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawang. Each is known for something a little different, but the over theme is the same: RELAX!
I chose Gili T after a long internal debate, because while this island is the "backpacker" island, it's also known for being the party island. There are no police on the islands, allowing Gili T to be freely steeped in weed and magic mushrooms. My favorite sign "we have bloody fresh magic mushroom shake, take you to the moon, take away or delivery, call 911".  I did not partake in any substances or parties. In fact, I was the height of boredom. I went to bed at 9-930pm and didn't wake up till 8-9am almost everyday. After a leisurely breakfast at my home stay I would don sunscreen and bathing suit and head walk over to my chosen spot. I would spend 5-6 hours here reading, napping, starring into the vast blueness of the sea. I never knew what sea color pool tiles were trying to copy until now. The clear blue of the water here is mesmerizing.
The only kind of speed bump I ran into is that when you give yourself time to decompress and think, you, well THINK. We all know that thinking can be dangerous at times. After having been on the go and traveling for an incredible 5 months and my homecoming rapidly approaching thoughts and feelings bubbled to the surface that I had no idea I was even concerned about or had pushed to the back of my mind. Then there was the strange night where I had 2 separate dreams about being back home. Each time I woke up kind of sad when I realized I was still in Indonesia.
Overall the 6 days in Gili T was exactly what the doctor ordered and I'm feeling recharged to take on the remainder of my journey! 

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