Friday, August 12, 2011

An update on the number 3

Previously I had discussed my tendency toward things in threes. I was waiting for my third encounter after a day of misadventure, which came a day later and part of another trio.
First off, April rolled her ankle coming off a curb. No biggie, a little ice and elevation and she was good to go.
 The next day a few of the girls decided to rent mopeds, while the rest of us rented pedal bikes, to tool around Kampong Cham for the afternoon, before heading to Phnom Penh. One of the mopeds slipped in some muddy terrain and one girl had her calf gashed open. I'm talking almost to the bone and about 30cm long, it was impressive. I had managed to get separated from the group, of course, so I wasn't there at the time of the accident, figures! This is why you get travel insurance guys! Don't leave the country without it!
 I ended up going with Michelle to Phnom Pehn for further treatment, which included a 3 hour ambulance ride with lights and sirens the entire way. Cue siren noise: here I come Phnom Penh!  It was certainly much better then the 630am bus ride scheduled for the next morning! We got her leg cleaned and stitched at an international clinic, by a MD from Boston, but she would require further treatment in Bangkok or home, because they didn't have the means to deal with it, even in Phnom Penh. This left me, at midnight, trying to find a tuk tuk to take us to some hotel with an elevator (not an easy thing to find in Asia), Michelle on crutches, and all our luggage! I did manage to find a place around the corner, got her in and on the elevator, and got the bags, but then I missed a step and I rolled MY ankle! As I was sitting there Michelle and I just have to laugh, because what is wrong with our group?!? That now makes 3 of us injured! Oi!
The next day I was changing her dressing and our tour leader kept trying to "help". I finally swatted his hand away and told him "I've done this before, I have a system, and you're interrupting it! Go sit down!" Nursing habits die hard! Can't take the nurse out of me yet.
Hopefully this means the group has finished with the bad karma and events? No more accidents! I hope I didn't just curse us for saying that!  

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