Monday, June 13, 2011


Here are links to pictures from my time in Thailand so far and the cooking class. Some of you may notice a few changes from previous albums. I had to delete and re-structure a few things due to storage issues. Don't be suprised in the future if albums disappear. You're only allowed so much space on Picasa and we have a ways to go. Happy viewing!


  1. Hey Clarissa! You look like you're having a great time! So, I'm assuming you decided to stay?? :) Hang in there...I'm sure you'll find all kinds of lessons learned and ALL kinds of new things about yourself...hind sight'll kick in at some point! Eleanor Roosevelt: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” BE that backpacker (whatever definition you decide)...just be the Clarissa version that kicks a**!!! We miss you here, but trust me-you're having a MUCH greater time there! Thai food-YUMMM!!!!!!! Can't wait to see where the wind blows your adventure next!

  2. I am requesting the chicken with cashews now!!