Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No train, so sorry...

Chiang Mai:

I arrived in Chiang Mai last night after a, let's say interesting, train ride. I spent several days in Ayuthaya and then a night in Lop Buri to break up the +12h journey to the north. I purchased my train ticket the day before when I arrived in Lop Buri, figuring I was all set.
I arrive with the plenty of time to spare at the train station, 'cause you know me. Early is my punctual. I asked a railway attendant which side of the tracks I needed to be on for the train to Chiang Mai. Bad idea. She looks at me confused, there is no train to Chiang Mai today. Okkkkk, but I bought a ticket yesterday to Chiang Mai, see? After 15 minutes we get it straightened out, yes there is in fact a train to Chiang Mai today. Now I'm super suspicious. The train arrives, as I'm about to board another railway attendant approaches me. No train to Chiang Mai, must get off at ______ and take bus, so sorry. What? Wait, what was the place again? No, you get on train, so sorry. In mass confusion I do in fact get on the train. Sitting down I realize I'm not sure where I'm suppose to get off or go or do. S&@! I ask the railway attendant who stamps your ticket when he comes by. Surely he'll know. He doesn't speak English, has no idea what I'm talking about. F$&@! I'm on a train with no idea where I'm going. Who DOES that??? I decide to just stay on the train until it stops, then figure things out. In the end, the train WAS going to Chiang Mai, no buses required. Which I figured out about half through the 9h ride.
Quick note: Who ever thought squat toilets on a moving train was a good idea should have their head examined. Also, the window wouldn't stay up. I hope the Thai farmer who probably saw my naked hinny enjoyed the view.

Today, a new day, and no train rides, was spent wat viewing and meandering. It's a little bit cooler and less humid, not by much, but, hey I'll take it. There's a ton of stuff to do, everything from cooking classes (yes please!) to mountain biking to elephant riding. Which is great for me and my structure/planning needs, as per discussed. The only question is what to do first and what's in my budget. I'm not giving up my weekly $7 massage though. Girls gotta have her principles.

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