Sunday, May 15, 2011

A marriage proposal and a baby goat!

Each time I finish a blog post and always seem to walk out going, damn, I meant to mention this and that and here's a few more things about Ghana, in case you didn't have enough already.
I got several marriage proposals. The last came on my last night in Kpando, walking home from the orphanage. A guy about my age approached me, he introduced him, we chatted, nothing unusual there. People in ghana like to talk! Then he explains that he wants a white lady in his life. Oh, romantically, you mean? Yes! Once I told him that I was leaving tomorrow he said that it wasn't meant to be then. Maybe next time???
I love baby goats! There are goats and chickens everywhere and the baby goats are so cute. They just scramble up the ditches and bleat away for their momma goats. Can I have one please???
I get called white lady (in several ghana dialects) all the time. Mostly from children, who are usually smiling and waving and are beyond thrilled when i say hi and wave back.
right now, i just got into zanzibar this morning. i'm already in love with this town! stay tuned for more details and maybe more marriage proposals. who knows, i may take this one up on their offer....

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  1. Clarissa,
    Have enjoyed reading your blog! You are a very brave and interesting young woman. Stay safe and keep writing.

    Says from "MOM" b/c that's who I am following Heidi's Dinner Diva blog (which you might enjoy as well...)