Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Itinerary

Here is my itinerary:

- Leaving April 2 and has a 12h layover in London, ugh. Definately will have to escape Heathrow, maybe I'll have tea with the queen!
- April 3 - April 17 Morocco with an Intrepid tour
- April 18 - May 14 Medical volunteering in Ghana and staying with a host family
- May 15 - May 27 Tanzania for a voluntour with Gap Adventure travels
- May 28 Arrive in Bangkok and then most likely heading to southern Thailand and Malaysia until...
- June 23 Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok to hopefully...actually, I'm not really sure. HOPEFULLY my brother will be meeting and we'll do northern Thailand, otherwise, maybe Vietnam???
- July 14 Meeting Jenna and Amy in Singapore, to then head to Bali, and then back to Bangkok
- Aug 1 - Sept 25 I have absolutely no idea. I will be in SE Asia, somewhere. Wanna come visit? We can ride bikes!
- Sept 26 Flying from Bangkok (for the last time, I promise!) to Beijing
- Sept 28 Meeting my next tour group that goes into Tibet and finishes in Kathmandu, Nepal
- Oct 15 Travel overland to Delhi
- Nov 7 Take the red eye from Mumbai and go to San Fran to see some friends
- Nov 12 Fly home and cry that it's all over

Anyone and everyone is more then welcome to join me on a tour or any other portion of this journey. Distractions are welcome:)

Disclaimer: Itinerary is subject to change at any time due to illness, world affairs, or ADD tendencies, please be advised.

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