Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

I haven't done a randomness post in a while...soooo here goes!!

1. I had Skyr for the first time today. Have you heard of it? It's Icelandic yogurt and it's yummy! It's even thicker than Greek yogurt. I got the vanilla and it had little vanilla specks throughout it. Skyr is way healthy for you and did I mention tasty?

2.  I'm very sad today because my favorite purse that I bought in Vietnam broke:( It's just a purse you say, but please, let me explain. I'm not a huge purse person. Every girl has their thing, that one weakness that we just can't say no too. For some it's shoes, other's bags, jewelry, etc... I'm actually not sure what mine would be, maybe cooking utensils umm...I can't think of anything that doesn't make me seem like a complete dork! Anyways, back to my broke purse, I saw it across the market and ran over and just had to have it! I barely even bargained for it, I wanted it that badly! And now it's broken. Oh the sadness.

3. I can't figure out why my zucchini plants have yet to produce any zucchini. They are growing. They are flowering. They seem happy. So where are the freaking zucchini??? Hrump!

4. After nearly 2 week of almost non-stop baking, I haven't cooked a thing all week. My dinner has consisted of TJ's frozen apps like mini-taco's and mini-quiche. Why are things just innately better in mini form???

5. I also blame the fact that my dog, Pete, has been sick for not cooking. Who can cook when your dog has hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and has to be hospitalized for IV fluids??? And who's dog gets hemorrhagic gastroenteritis? And only 2 months after having pancreatitis? I mean, does he think he's human? Ugh. At least he's feeling better. Sadly, my wallet is not. Tear.

6. The temps have mercifully dropped today and it's like all of the sudden everyone has been released from their AC caves. Well hello sunshine!

7. In case there was any doubt in your mind on the Bourbon Marshmallow's, let me be clear: they were a huge hit. You should definitely make them. Right. Now.

8. I just finished reading the Insurgent, the second book in a trilogy. Silly me, I thought the trilogy was already completely written. It isn't! Now I have to wait for the last book. Wannn...but I don't wannnnnnna wait. I wanna know now! Now, I tell you. You should still read the Divergent trilogy anyways. Just be warned that the last book isn't out yet!

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