Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Randomness

1. Things you should not do at work: Accidentally stab yourself with clean needles. First, let me explain; I was going to start an IV on my patient and as I pulled the needle out to loosen the end I accidentally stabbed myself placing it back in the cover. At least it was clean and I didn't have to go and get blood drawn. Gah.

2. TJ's vanillamynts are AMAZING. Seriously.

3. I ran my first half marathon on Saturday. Woot Woot! Next up full marathon...NOT!

4.  Why do I always always always forget at least one key ingredient item when I go to the grocery store??? I even bring a list for Pete's sake! Then I have to go to the store again and I end up buying triple cream brie or chocolate or ice cream or all three things. Damn you grocery store!

5. I put veggies in the oven to roast for a quinoa salad and completely forgot about them! An hour or so later I wandered in the kitchen going what's burning? Couldn't figure it out (um, hello try the oven??) and started to wander away again. Then realized that it was the flippin' veggies! Which were totally ruined by the way. Attempt numero two tonight!

6. Polish candy is awesome. Thanks Madga!

7. I've started the Game of Thrones book series. Cannot get into it. I just want Christian Grey. Is that wrong?

8. Why are baby clothes so insanely cute??

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