Thursday, August 4, 2011

A typical day in the life of Clarissa

These are the days of my life!

Things have a tendency to happen to me in 3's, I don't know why, it just seems to happen this way. Remember Lao? And the nearly getting popped with a water bottle, dog bites, and screwed up reservations that caused me to leave? 3's I tell you.
Today started out great. I had decided to bike around the Angkor Wat temple complex for the day, instead of opting for a tour. After the over indulgence of food in Thailand for the last week I was feeling the urge to burn some calories for a change. I bought my ticket and pedaled in. Then, my pedals stopped working! I pulled over to the side and stared at my bike. Now, I'm no bike expert so I was kind of hoping that a magic arrow would appear showing me the problem and maybe how to fix it. No such arrow appeared! I stood there for a few moments contemplating my next step and decided to go to the little drink stand down the road to ask for help. Wouldn't you know that next to them was a bike repair shop! Awesome! And I'm back in the game!
5 hours later of sweaty happy temple viewing my flip flop broke! Crap! Now what? I sadly returned home, cycling all the way with my broken flip flop.
Now I'm sitting here wondering what the third event will be for today. I would stay in to cut my chances of misfortune down, but I gotta get a new pair of flip-flops! Stay tuned for updates! 

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