Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little nightly walk

Nightly strolls

Most people know that I talk and walk in my sleep. My parents call my brother and I "active sleepers". Wright's a little different though, he eats in his sleep. It's not unusual for him to find old pizza crust in his bed and no recollection of when he last ate pizza. Me, I mainly make midnight conversation with imaginary people, but occasionally I go for a little stroll as well. Sometime in college I started waking myself up while moving around. This is a little strange, to wake up in the middle of my room at 237am, with no idea what I'm doing. The only reason I know that this is sleep walking and not a midnight stumble to the bathroom is that I wake up, not remembering my dream specifically, but having a feeling of I was doing something, going somewhere, was in motion with a purpose of some kind.
Once, in Australia I did this and my poor sleep addled brain could not figure out where I was, but when I looked down and saw sleeping Emily and Bridget, I figured I must be in the right place and went back to bed. Last night was similar.
I awoke, blearily, in the hallway of the darkened hostel. I think the closing of the door must have jarred me awake. I stare confusedly around for several moments at the numbered doorways before me, doing my best Sherlock Holmes impression. Where am I? What am I doing? Ohhhh right, hostel in Bangkok. Wait, I was suppose to be doing something. No, it's the middle of the night, why am I even standing here? Better yet, why am I even having this conversation at all? Huh, maybe I should go back to bed. So, I do and in the morning think, well, that was strange!
I think I might need to start dead bolting the door at night, not to stop people from getting in, but to stop ME from getting out! 

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