Friday, July 1, 2011

The consolidation prize

I returned to Chiang Mai wondering what I was going to do for the next few days and decided that a one day zip-lining adventure would be a reasonable consolidation prize for missing my gibbon experience.
It ended up being a really fun day and I had a great time. I was in a group with a family of Taiwanese, kids and all. These kids are the most bad-ass kids you've even seen, throwing themselves off +200ft high platforms to go careening down a narrow cable in the jungle. They did better then the adults!
I was the only person to have done zipping before and since I was the odd man out in the group one of the guides let me do all kinds I'd crazy stuff. He'd purposely throw me off the platforms, on the vertical jumps I got to go faster then everyone else. We laughed and joked when they realized I wasn't going to be phased by their antics. Bring it on! They took some awesome pictures and videos of me, which I'm hoping to post to Facebook. The others were like aren't you afraid? Only a little and isn't that kinda the point?
While walking around pondering dinner I saw a sign for happy hour specials, gin and tonics 50B! Hello! And why haven't I seen you before? I promptly sat myself down and had 2 for only 100B (about $3.30).
Last night I meet a random group of Irish and British travelers and ended up talking on the rooftop garden till 1am. Again, my life is nothing but randomness anymore. Why do I always meet the coolest people the day before I leave?
Tonight I'm flying to Phuket and on to Ko Phi Phi to lay on The Beach (anyone get the reference?). 

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