Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Third week in Ghana

I've been trying to post now for days, finally, I think this might work!
I spent a week in Accra at the children's hopsital and really enjoyed it. Wow, things are different there. I went to 2 different lectures given to the doctors and nurses, one about kidney disease in childrens, the other pain management. I was suprised to find the lectures were all on information that we learn in school, nursing and medical, and this was NEW information for them. They actually started discussing whether narcan could reverse morphine. I'm thinking to myself, uhh...duh...I think I learned that the first week of nursing school. I will say they have similar issues with pain management that we do, but other struggles, like not having morphine available make us seem like we give out like candy. Other interesting differences is that when a child is given a blood transfusion, which isn't uncommon due to malaria, the parents are required to replace the blood themselves. That means that they have to donate in return. This is because there are no active donors in Ghana and to counteract that they have put this system in place. The parents are tested for diseases, and literally, they cannot leave the hospital, they will not be discharged until they pay their bill and/or replace the blood. Other interesting facts are that they do not promote bottle usage. This is because of the lack of sterlization and high contamination risk. Instead, they recommend using a cup and spoon if they need to give extra fluids or the child is unable to take the breast. In rounds the other day, the doctor actually was showing a mother how to breastfeed. Can you image one of our docs showing a mother how to breastfeed??? My jaw was probably on the floor I was so shocked.
While, I enjoyed my time there greatly, I have decided that the commute was to much. I am now in Kpando for the remaining 2 weeks and will spend it at the orphange. I like Kpando a lot and its much easier for me to get around in. There are other volunteers here and we have already made plans to go see some sights and do things, which is good. I was starting to get a little stir crazy just going to the hopsital and watching Lost DVD's in Accra.
Sorry there haven't been pictures yet, the computers and internet are much to slow. Pictures will probably have to wait until bangkok and better connection. Thanks for all the comments and emails. You guys dont know how much I appreciate it!

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  1. Sounds like a good change for you :) And I bet having both experiences will be a more beneficial down the road. Love and Miss you!!! D